DOT Audit Protection

Keep your business safe and your drivers on the road.

Freedom Quest Insurance has teamed up with the American Truck Driver Safety Association (ATDSA) to provide audit protection insurance to motor carriers.

A bad review from DOT can cost you your safety rating, mean big fines, raise your monthly premiums, and even shut you down. Our audit protection service (powered by ATDSA) gives you the experts you need, when you need them most.


Membership is only $49.95 per month, for the company. This is a flat rate covering up to 1 DOT #. ​ ​ ​Low Price - Trucking companies have enough overhead to worry about, DOT Audit Protection is designed to be low cost, high value. ​ Team of Experts - Our service is powered by ATDSA, a team of Audit Specialists you can depend on. ​ Guarantee- 100% money-back guarantee. If you are notified of an audit and file a claim with ATDSA, your claim will be serviced, guaranteed or your money back.

Facing an Audit

If you are notified of an audit, ATDSA will send a team of experts either on-site or remote (depending on the nature of the audit). ​ ​2 days on site - For on-site audits ATDSA will show 1 day prior and will be there during the audit to ensure you are prepared and it goes as smoothly as possible. ​ The Team - Your team of experts is led by a credentialed (Certified Audit Specialist, CAS) who is familiar with the process and there to ensure your success. ​ Consulting - As a member through Freedom Quest Insurance you are only a phone call way from speaking to a certified audit specialist or certified director of safety.

Reduction of Claims & Safety Management Plan

If you are issued a Notice of Claim (NOC) as a result of your audit, you will have access to ATDSA's partner company, CDL 360, who can typically reduce claims by up to 50%. Notice of Claim - The fine issued to a carrier based on findings discovered during a safety investigation or rated compliance review. ​ In the event you receive or have already received a downgrade to conditional or unsatisfactory for your safety rating, ATDSA will refer you to their partner company, CDL 360. CDL 360 will work to get your rating back to satisfactory or unrated in the shortest amount of time possible.